The reason for this is quite straightforward. First of all, all vehicles have slightly different purposes for the end-user. Kick-scooters are used for short distances. Electric bikes are perfect for a longer and faster commute. And e-mopeds help you to cover even longer distances. Secondly, from an operator's perspective, you would want the rider to use different modalities from your application and for the end user, it is also convenient to access all vehicles from one app. 

We at COMODULE have succeeded in offering IoT & connectivity solutions to fleet operators and light electric vehicle OEM’s for the past 5 years. We have helped to launch sharing fleets in over 60 cities worldwide and have connected over 200 000 consumer e-bikes. Now, seeing the increasing need for multimodality and different types of sharing vehicles, we have launched an electric micromobility vehicle of our own - CO-CYCLE. Before diving into the new sharing electric bike, let’s go over the reasons why free floating e-bikes are currently in such high demand.

Seems a little bit redundant to talk about the benefits of an electric bike over a regular bicycle, but since shared micromobility companies are looking to expand to different modalities, it is worth going over again. 

First of all, more and more people prefer free floating vehicles over ownership. Bikes are always available, there is no hassle maintaining them and don’t have to worry about someone stealing their precious mode of transport. Secondly, the demand for e-bikes over regular bikes are increasing mainly because it is faster and easier to ride, especially uphill. Also, if you are commuting to work, there is no sweat involved.

Electric bikes in general have improved a lot, they look very nice and perform to perfection. Unfortunately, the main problem with sharing e-bikes today is that they are either too expensive or too cheap, thus have a very low quality and need a lot of maintenance, which in turn means negative unit economics and less profit. Secondly, for the users, the bikes all look the same and the riding experience tends to be poor. 

Source: Reuters

The silver lining would be if the bike would look and perform like an expensive consumer e-bike, but would be in the price range that would make sense for the fleet operators. Luckily, we at COMODULE have just the e-bike for you to fill that category nicely.

Winning combo: sharing industry proven Paper Bicycle electrified by micromobility experts

We took an already market proven, award winning sharing bike and put all of our expertise of working with the biggest e-bike OEM’s in the world, to electrify it. But before going over all of the great features of the CO-CYCLE, let’s take a step back and look into the journey of the gorgeous Paper Bicycle that was the foundation of the CO-CYCLE. 

The Paper Bicycle was created by the talented designer Nick Lobnitz over 10 years ago with the intention to provide a sharing bike that would look like a high-end consumer bike, but also be durable and cost-effective.

Nick with his creation - Paper Bicycle

“In 2006, I was making Carry Freedom bicycle trailers for the Royal Mail, and noticed that their bicycles were in terrible condition. The Royal Mail are tough customers, their bikes have to fit everyone, young/old, large/small, male/female, be absolutely bomb proof, endure crazy mileage and be everyday practical. As a side project, I studied why their bicycles suffered, and set about coming up with something better.” said Nick.

The Paper Bicycle has already proven itself to be one of the best sharing bicycles out there. It has been used in different fleets and cities like Lausanne, Bern, Dusseldorf, Antwerp, Doha and New Haven. It is even used on campus fleets owned by the likes of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and the City of London. Up to now, 8000 bikes have been produced and the single biggest fleet has been around 1000 bikes. 

Paper Bicycles in New Haven

In 2019, the talented Scotsman, Nick Lobnitz joined the COMODULE team and the building blocks for the creation of the best sharing e-bike were in place. We took Nick’s beautiful bike and applied our light electric vehicle expertise by adding all the IoT capabilities and the much needed basket with an easily swappable battery pack. More about the e-bike below.

Why should you pick the CO-CYCLE for your fleet?

  • Easily swappable battery pack: using a 700Wh battery pack, which enables you to do around 50 miles (80km).

  • Integrated connectivity, unlocking all the necessary IoT features to run a successful fleet: bike comes with the ability to geofence, implement speed zones and use a GPS base anti-theft solution with an additional connected lock. 

  • Puncture proof tires and heavy duty metal fenders: using the puncture resistant 26” Kenda tires that have been used and tested for thousands of miles. Also, a unique patented chain and drivetrain cover design that protects it from the daily wear and tear.

  • EU made 3-in-1 controller which integrates battery, IoT & motor into one single basket: enables you to have full control over the BMS and Motor Controller. In case, something does happen, you don’t have to discard the whole e-bike. You can quickly swap the basket with all of its components and put the e-bike back on the streets.

  • Large branding areas: added a spacious frontal area in addition to the chain cover panels. The whole bike can now be branded with your unique elements to create a fleet with your distinguishable colors. Additional branding options include the selection of frame, tire, grip and saddle color.

  • Functional basket with rubber straps: for journeys with different types of luggage. Also, a smartphone holder can be added if needed.

  • Ultra durable metal geared hub motor: using an industry proven 250 W Bafang front hub motor with Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub gears. 

  • Ergonomic design - “One size fits all” frame: made from durable steel and built to last. Classic handlebar for maximum comfort and an adjustable saddle. Can be ridden by 7 foot giants and slightly below average height riders as demonstrated on the picture below.

To sum up, if you are looking for a durable, cost effective and a beautiful e-bike with all the necessary IoT capabilities, pick the CO-CYCLE. Contact Rivo Riistop - our business development expert and he can help you answer all your questions and set up a plan for a successful launch. We already have a working production and supply chain in place and are ready to scale - Paper Bicycle made in Taiwan and electrified by micromobility experts in Estonia, EU. 

Contact for fleet and sharing operators:

Rivo Riistop - Business Development Manager