Connected Fleets
Monitor & control your fleet through one system
icon COMODULE Hardware
Digitalize your fleet

  • Bluetooth | GSM | GPS
  • Accelerometer
  • Multiple communication interface
  • Low energy consumption
  • Embedded software
  • Easy integration
  • I/O controls
  • Over the air updates

icon COMODULE Application
Connect vehicle,
user & operator

  • Direct support
  • GEO-location of vehicles
  • Navigation
  • Online ID Verification
  • Keyless system
  • Crash Detection & Emergency Call
  • *White-label (upon request)

icon COMODULE Cloud
Be in charge

  • Live fleet tracking from the platform
  • Send commands to the fleet  
  • Provide real-time support  
  • Analyse remotely the health of the fleet
  • Diagnose performance of each vehicle
  • Two-way communication 
  • Increase safety through accident alerts

  • icon

    Tailor made system

    According to your
    needs & expectations
  • icon

    Turnkey solution

    All in one:
    Hardware, Software & Cloud system

  • icon

    White-labelled app

    With your brand name

  • icon

    Open API

    API integrations into other ecosystems
Reference Customer
ZBee Fleet

Clean Motion

Clean Motion AB, Sweden is manufacturing three-wheeled electric vehicles called Zbee and distributes them across Europe & Asia. With COMODULE’s technology, Clean Motion has launched the Zbee Connected in several cities across the world as an efficient and eco-friendly transport solution particularly for traffic-congested cities. Through our fleet management platform Clean Motion is able to monitor the health of the fleet constantly, send commands to the vehicles and collect data analytic information about the performance of Zbees. The users of the Zbees do not need a physical key, since they can unlock their vehicle through the smartphone application.
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