Smart & Connected
Unlock new target groups by implementing digital features.
icon COMODULE Hardware
Master of Communications

  • data transfer from bike to Cloud and App;
  • COMODULE security layer;
  • GSM sim for worldwide connectivity;
  • GPS for security tracking;
  • Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to COMODULE App;
  • Accelerometer to detect bike status;
  • I/O controls; 
icon COMODULE Display
Connected Experience

  • displays relevant eBike system data
  •  precise navigation mode
  • Bluetooth to connect to COMODULE App
  • buttons for assist level, ON/OFF lights
  • transflective monochrome display
icon COMODULE Application
Your Components - your App

  • flavoured according to vehicle brand;
  • security alarm & GPS tracking;
  • social interaction;
  • activity tracking;
  • vehicle configuration settings;
  • direct support;
  • exploit cross- and up-selling;
icon COMODULE Cloud
Connect Your Business

  • analyse product performance data
  • automated service notifications
  • send marketing messages to the users
  • two-way communication
  • user behaviour and profiling
  • perform over the air updates
  • open API
  • icon

    Turn Vehicle Smart

    gather data to learn
    usage insights
  • icon

    Improve Aftersales

    automated service invites
    and in-app purchases
  • icon

    Enhance Services

    update functionality & fix software
    via over the air software updates
  • icon

    Memorable Experiences enhanced user experience
    and customer support

For smart and unique eBikes

Accelerated Systems Inc.

Accelerated Systems is a Canadian motor controller company providing technology for the LEV industry from e-bikes and e-scooters to ATVs and lawnmowers. ASI has a global reach with operations in North America, Europe and China. Accelerated Systems and COMODULE have formed a partnership on the back of continued mutual customers, and their vision for the future. The partnership will see COMODULE's connectivity board and ASI's controller boards integrated to work together, providing customers a huge variety of customized options from data mapping to component choices.
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Digitalizing Brose Drive Ecosystem

Brose Antriebstechnik

Brose is a market leader in electric motors for automotive industry. Brose Antriebstechnik offers a mid-motor for electric bikes. It´s innovative, light weight and high quality system has won very fast popularity. It has become the premium choice for high quality e-bikes. Working together with COMODULE allows Brose to offer connectivity embedded in the propulsion system.
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Plug-and-play connectivity solution

BMZ Connect C

BMZ is European leader and global player for battery system solutions serving diverse applications such as electric vehicles, e-bikes, energy storage systems, portable medical equipment, electric pruning shears, drills, or cordless screwdrivers. At the same time, BMZ is leading battery supplier for electric bikes. Connect C is BMZ’s first step into the digital century and the latest prove for providing cutting-edge technology to the market. The plug-and-play connectivity solution enables manufacturer to offer e-bikes including a BMZ smartphone application which controls bike performance and navigation features.
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High-Tech meets IoT

Fazua Evation

Fazua is providing the lightest and most compact drive system for e-bikes. Evation combines performance oriented drive unit systems with selected digital features. As a result Fazua customers leverage of a fast customer service and social media interactions that could never been experienced in an e-bike before.
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“Bluetooth Direct-Connect” Industry Solutions

Ansmann smarts up its e-bike systems

One of the lightest e-bike systems for city bikes launches integrated smart features. Ansmanns’ new battery management systems provide a Bluetooth interface powered by COMODULE. User, bike manufacturer and Ansmann will leverage from the connected platform consisting of the smartphone application and the cloud based analytics and notification dashboard.
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Digitalizing maxon e-bike system with COMODULE display

Swiss high-end e-bike system supplier maxon BIKEDRIVE grows his product range by a connected display based on COMODULE Diamond. The small device provides a seamless interface to the maxon BIKEDRIVE App and is the standard display to all new maxon pedelec and s-pedelec e-bike systems.
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