Solutions like electric autonomous cars, flying drones and taxis are very exciting, but still 5 to 10 years away for an everyday way of transportation. Meanwhile, people want better ways of commuting that don't hurt the environment and helps with congestion. We sincerely believe that IoT is one of the cornerstones to innovate the cycling industry and enable new ways to develop the cycling experience, meanwhile offering new business models to OEM’s.

Before diving into the value of IoT for the e-bike industry, let’s do a quick recap what has happened in between Eurobike 2018 and Eurobike 2019. It has been an eventful year, where we grew rapidly, launched new products that we are excited to display, started mass production of our sharing IoT telematics devices and doubled our team size to 50 people.

A year of growth and maturation for COMODULE

COMODULE team at 2018 Eurobike

  • COMODULE turned 5 years old and grew from 25 team members to 50 within a year. Also, we are putting large efforts into development as almost 40% of our team are engineers.

  • We have now connected 150 000 vehicles to the internet to enable shared mobility and vehicle manufacturers.

  • COMODULE connected vehicles have covered 4.2 million kilometers of clean mobility, equivalent to 104 times around the world.

  • 45 countries with COMODULE connected vehicles.

  • 32 customers and partners all over the world.

  • Started mass production and opening our own factory and production in Tallinn, Estonia.

  • We value quality and now our products are ISO, FCC and CE certified.

COMODULE launched an IoT solution to enable e-scooter sharing

COMODULE connects your fleet to the internet, so end-users could find, rent the vehicle and pay for the trip via App. Hardware, connects the vehicle with the user and the cloud connects fleet operators with the vehicle and user. We also take care of the whole system so you don't have to - hardware, firmware, middleware and API.

COMODULE helped to launch micro-mobility fleets in 57 cities in 2018-2019

  • Helped to launch micro-mobility fleets in 57 cities.

  • Clients include some of the biggest ride sharing companies and many up and coming fleet operators in the world

  • 100 000 live shared vehicles globally:

    • Our modules on average sends 150 messages per second

    • 6 billion messages in total

    • 99% uptime

  • Over 4.2 million kilometers of clean mobility, equivalent to 104 times around the world.

Launched various new use cases and business models for the e-bike industry

Now, as promised, let’s dive into the core of our business; bringing value for the e-bike vehicle and component manufacturers. In 2018 and 2019, COMODULE has helped the e-bike industry in 3 main ways: protecting end-user bikes with a smart GPS tracking, enhancing everyday commuting experience and enabling high-performance riders to adjust their e-bike preferences to their needs.

COMODULE IoT solutions enable various use cases and business model for the e-bike industry

  • Protect your e-bike: in cooperation with Gazelle, 100% of stolen e-bikes were found with the help of COMODULE IoT technology. This solution has been a game-changer for the e-bike industry, since bike theft is very common and e-bikes usually cost more than regular bikes.

  • Creating a better commuting experience for the riders: in cooperation with Ampler, over 4300 riders have had the ability to update and navigate their bike via App. For OEM’s, this means access and overview of bike diagnostics. Send important software and firmware updates to the bikes. Also, send push notifications and messages to end-users.

  • High-performance riders can adjust the bike according to their personal preferences: in cooperation with Rotwild and BMZ, riders can now match the engine power to the terrain profile and personal riding style. Furthermore, navigate and have an enhanced overview of their bike condition. For OEM’s, the solution offers the capability to send firmware updates and receive valuable bike data for product development. 

What to Expect from COMODULE and Where Can You Find Us at Eurobike 2019?

Sven Bernhardt - Head of Business Unit Industry Solutions, demonstrating COMODULE App at Eurobike 2018

We are proud to say that it is our 5th year at Eurobike displaying innovative IoT solutions for the cycling industry. Above you can see a sneak peek preview of our booth where you can find IoT solutions and case studies for OEM’s, component manufacturers and the sharing industry. We will have 2 private meeting rooms to meet our old and new partners. Make sure to write to Sven Bernhardt at to book a slot with us.

We will be located in our usual location in the A1 hall, close to Brose and Continental at Stand A1 - 604. As mentioned earlier, we will have cool new products, case studies and vehicles to demonstrate. Make sure to visit us and learn what value IoT can add to your vehicles and business!

Make sure not to miss our CEO - Kristjan Maruste speaking at the stage of Bike Biz Revolution Conference the day before Eurobike - 03.09.2019. Kristjan is going to explain how everybody benefits from IoT solutions and show where the e-bike market is heading.  

Location: Messe Friedrichsahfen, Conference Center East, Rooms Berlin/Paris.

Kristjan, named Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe in 2016, is a tech-entrepreneur who has lead a TOP 5 Formula Student team. In 2014, he co-founded COMODULE to provide IoT solutions for Light Electric Vehicles.

Kristjan talking to COMODULE partners at Eurobike


See you at Eurobike 2019, can’t wait!