Who is Dave?

Dave grew up in Pärnu, Estonia and from an early age he thrived in maths and craftsmanship. He liked to disassemble and assemble computers. Instead of going to high school, he chose to go to a vocational school and dedicate himself to assembly and engineering. “I knew that I wanted to learn something practical where I can develop my craftsmanship skills and have a hands on approach to work” said Dave.

Up until to his teenage years, Dave was also really into sports. He cycled, played hockey, tennis, basketball and football. His favourite sport was kayaking, where he could do all kinds of cool tricks. Unfortunately, in his teens Dave started to feel a lot of pain in his knees and it got worse as he got older. What is more, the doctors have not been able to diagnose his condition, so they called it unknown myopathy.

“It has been tough and I had periods where I didn't want to go out anymore, because I knew that my knees will hurt afterwards. Also, if you have an unknown condition, it is hard for other people to understand that I have a disability.” said Dave. 

Nevertheless, Dave is a very happy-go-lucky person and since he got a custom made wheelchair, he has regained his independence and is more active than ever. His main hobby now is playing computer games and Dave also has a huge collection of keychains.

Dave's condition has also lead him to thrive in other areas. In school he learned a little bit of computer programming, photoshop and even making short cartoons. His favourite subjects were the ones related to hardware. “I learned how to build, clean and assemble computers. I have built my own computer and every now and then I clean my friends or parents computers” said Dave. 

Dave's giant collection of 921 keychains

After school, Dave planned to go work as a computer technician, but at the time he couldn't find a job in that field and went to work in an assembly factory. He was responsible for the quality of soldering. “This was a great experience for me to see how work is done in a factory and I was able to work in the field I enjoy.” said Dave.

After some time, he had some trouble with his health and working night shifts was not easy either. So, when his girlfriend went to school in Tallinn, he decided to find a more suitable job there as well.

What does Dave do at COMODULE?

Through a recruiting agency he found COMODULE and in his interview with our CEO - Kristjan Maruste, Dave knew that he wanted to work here. “I am able to work in normal working hours and everybody has been very helpful making sure I feel comfortable here” said Dave.

Dave is mainly responsible for any kind of assembly that is needed, lately it has been the assembly of kick-scooter modules. “Every now and then I also assist with shipping our products to customers” said Dave.

Dave enjoys his work a lot, because he has a lot of freedom, different kinds of cool products he can work on and he likes the family atmosphere here at COMODULE. His colleagues describe him as a skilled and a precise guy who is very efficient and always has a positive attitude. 

How would you describe the experience of working at COMODULE?

“Compared to other places I have worked, I would say that COMODULE has a very friendly atmosphere and has good people with a great sense of humour” said Dave. All in all, he enjoys his work and has everything he needs to perform at a high level.

In your own words, what is the mission of COMODULE?

Make the world a better place to live by decreasing pollution with smart electric vehicles.

Thoughts about the future of mobility

“I hope that electric vehicles would be adapted faster and that mobility solutions would help with the congestion and pollution. My personal hope is that I would be able to buy an exoskeleton, so I would be able to walk better” said Dave.

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