The owner reported a theft to the emergency center which transferred the report to a special control room where through the Gazelle software platform they pinpointed the location of the bike. It is important to note that the external institutions are able to receive the bicycle GPS location only if the owner of the bicycle reports the theft.

After that, bike hunters and police were sent to the location of the bike and with the help of GPS and Bluetooth, they found the bike and they returned it to the specified bicycle dealer. To our surprise in addition to the reported tracked bicycle, many other stolen bicycles were found from the same van.

The victims of stolen bicycles can save time and skip hunting stolen bicycles on social media if they own an electric bicycle that is connected to the internet. That's why we call it a peace-of-mind package. Win-win situation to everybody, except the thief.

COMODULE Master technology

We are glad to see that in cooperation with Gazelle and many other companies, we are helping to solve the common problem of bicycle theft and contribute to theft prevention for all bikes labeled as “GPS protected”. Especially, when it comes to E-bikes that can be more expensive than regular bicycles.

In addition to GPS tracking, COMODULE Master technology offers various other connected services like performing fleet management and unlocking consumer-relevant internet features - locking and unlocking locks, turning lights on and off. Also, if needed, the module comes with a custom end-user (white label) App and a cloud platform where you can monitor and manage your vehicles.

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