GoUrban deploys e-scooters in several parts of the Austrian capital, such as local recreation areas and inner-city travel. The scooters are free-floating and goUrban will swap the empty batteries. The vehicles have space for two people and come with two helmets and a net to put over your head for hygienic reasons.

 Scooters are a practical tool for door-to-door transportation that you can use whenever you need it (on-demand). Meanwhile, they can also be used for recreational vehicles (like moving flexibly around the city for sightseeing). On the top of that goUrban’s solution removes the hassle of parking in the city and offers to the users and cost-effective alternative to other means of transportation (e.g. private cars). This service does not come to replace public transportation but to complements it and fill in the ’’missing part of the puzzle of urban mobility’’.

 This scooter sharing scheme is ideal for all those people who want to avoid traffic congestion, reach their destination on time with low cost & use an environmental friendly way to move around Vienna. In other words, for all those who seek for a fast, convenient & cheap way to get from point A to point B. 

You can find more information about goUrban in Vienna here: https://gourban.at/