COMODULE, a company that has connected over 200 000 electric vehicles to the internet decided to build a factory mainly due to the high demand for internet of things (IoT) products for electric scooters and bikes. It enables COMODULE to produce up to 30 000 telematics devices per month and manifests as a big milestone in the young history of the fast growing company.

The factory, located close to COMODULE headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, will start producing telematics electronics which will be attached or put inside the vehicles to connect it to the internet and enable services like e-bike or e-scooter sharing. Amazingly, the factory and production line was built in less than a year.

COMODULE Factory Manager - Markus Hääl, giving a tour of the factory for the opening party guests

Why COMODULE decided to start their own connectivity hardware production?

When asked about why COMODULE did a factory in Europe, Estonia, Kristjan Maruste - CEO and Co-Founder had this to say: “To be honest, I have been dreaming about having my own factory since I was a child. The idea behind COMODULE factory started in the end of 2018, when the demand for IoT hardware grew exponentially. In addition to having the capability to produce more units, having our own factory helps us to learn and control the whole production cycle. This means that we can adapt to customer requests and make quicker product changes.”

Co-Founder and CEO of COMODULE - Kristjan Maruste, giving a speech at the factory opening party

In addition, setting up a production in Europe serves two other purposes. Firstly, COMODULE is able to meet flexible customer expectations in a very innovative and dynamic market surrounding. As time-to-market and product and service quality are key performance indicators for manufacturers and fleet operators an European production is a natural consequence.  

Secondly, fully control the complete product development chain which emphasizes COMODULE’s value proposition of providing a “one-stop-connectivity”. COMODULE takes the full responsibility of a reliable, secure and future-proof data communication from the vehicle to the outside world.

Why produce in Estonia, why not China like everybody else?

“This is a popular myth that everybody should produce in China. This is not a known fact, but Estonia has a very strong history in electronics manufacturing and in reality, we have very good conditions for production. Also, since our headquarters is located in Estonia as well, we save so much time and resources by having the product engineers and production in the same city. In addition, due to the political situation in the world, it is very important for our clients that the production of their products is done in Europe.” - Kristjan Maruste

What is the capacity of your production capabilities and future plans for COMODULE?

“At the moment we are producing 13 000 units a month, but our capability is to produce up to 20 000 a month. Also, we are working on getting it up to 60 000 and soon we will plan to start producing our own light electric vehicles as well.” - Kristjan Maruste

Illustration of the telematics hardware that COMODULE will produce in its factory

COMODULE mission and most important milestones

COMODULE’s mission is to offer IoT solutions to vehicles running on clean energy to reduce global pollution and congestion.

  • Connected over 200 000 light electric vehicles worldwide.

  • Connected over 100 000 sharing kick-scooters, which is 15-20% of all the sharing kick-scooters in the world.

  • Helped to launch micromobility fleets in over 60 cities globally.

  • In the last 2 years the company has grown from 18 to 60 team members.

  • Enabled over 5.2 million kilometers of clean mobility, equivalent to 104 times around the world

  • One of the few IoT and Connectivity companies that has its own production in Europe and in the same city as their headquarters.