ZbeeConnect equipped with COMODULE’s Hardware provides the driver with innovative features including remote data check and GEO-location, crash detection and emergency call, anti-theft system, navigation and social media. The driver of ZbeeConnect can have access to the vehicle through the mobile application, whereas the OEMs & fleet operators can support the users in real-time through a web-based platform! Clean Motion and COMODULE are working closely together to co-create sustainable sharing vehicles and bring the revolution to urban mobility! Our vision is to develop intelligent and economical three-wheel vehicles which can be deployed in urban areas and solve the problem of traffic congestion and environmental pollution.

ZbeeConnect is an ideal solution for commercial operators who want either to have a private or a sharing fleet of light electric vehicles. COMODULE’s fleet management system enables the operators to remotely analyse vehicle data with a powerful diagnostic tool and support the users in real-time integrating relationship management options. The vehicle connection to the cloud empowers professional users with an advanced solution that allows them to handle and redistribute vehicles, as well as to analyse components performance. The system combines geo-location information and monitoring tool which helps to improve industrial processes and guarantee the quality of the service.

Official press release: http://cleanmotion.se/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Clean-Motion-Pressrelease-20170320-Zbee-Connect.pdf