Coboc was chosen out of 500 new products, a panel of six expert judges and facilitation by the Deutscher Designer Club. According to Dirk Heidrich, Eurobike project manager: “At a time when when bicycle industry is witnessing an explosion in innovation, there are still products that stand out from the rest of the field.These products are setting new industry benchmarks for technical innovation and outstanding design.Only such products deserve to receive a Eurobike Gold Award.”

Coboc is outstanding from other e-bikes as their electric drive system is so well hidden that it is almost invisible. In addition to mere riding pleasure, this e-bike is suitable for every-day life and makes sure that you enjoy strong tailwind even on long-distance rides. It’s equipped with disc brakes, bicycle rack, fenders, smart rack and in house developed rear light.

In addition to a great choice of components like fenders, lights or handlebars – Coboc is equipped with state of the art connected vehicle technology. Connectivity designed by coModule provides additional value to various counterparts in the bicycle value chain. First of all – it acts as bridge between manufacturer, retailer and end user by allowing each counterpart to share information. For example – customer can troubleshoot the bike at home without visiting a retailer. At the same time – coModule allows manufacturers to update the firmware over the cloud. Additionally, it allows retailer/manufacturer to share information about new products, therefore helping to generate more aftersales. And last but not least – connectivity allows an end user to connect itself to the bicycle by allowing to track the bike when it’s stolen or simply receive information from the bike, turn-by-turn navigation, battery range visualization and motor/light control.

Thus, coModule connectivity platform allows manufacturers to implement connected vehicle technologies for quicker product development, better client engagement and unprecedented riding experience.