In today’s business environment, new startups are founded like mushrooms after the rain, so to speak. Well in short, a lot and more is coming every minute. This type of change and shift in the job market is radically changing the entire work culture and what people look for when thinking of applying for a job. And oh yes, people today are much more aware of their needs and preferences and much more critically looking from many different aspects, before making a decision.  

And then comes the classic question, the duel between startups vs corporate, which road to take? In any case both have its strengths and shortcomings, like flexibility vs stability, benefits vs free Ping-Pong and so on. But there are definitely great benefits, which we will be focusing on. 

We recently asked the team at COMODULE, what is it that makes them want to work for a startup and not a corporate job? If you’re trying to decide whether or not to make the leap, check out these 9 reasons what it might mean to you when choosing to work for a startup.


 To realize your lifelong dream as an entrepreneur

When starting to work for a startup, bare in mind that you will be closely working together with all of the team, including the founder or founders. This will give you an opportunity to see and learn some great entrepreneur tips for you to either advance from to start your own business or perhaps join the founders in the startup. In any case, you will learn a great deal of what running a business can mean, what works and what does not.

 To change the world

You will be able to be part of really making a difference in the world, if you succeed. To innovate and to feel being part of something big and meaningful. To be able to change the world in your own way.    

 To work in an open minded environment.

Working for a startup can be more appealing, as startups are more open to new ideas, provide more freedom, and also offer steep learning curves. In comparison of working for a large corporation, they yes, might offer you a more stable job, but the hierarchy is more likely to get in the way of your personal development.

 Flexibility in managing your own time

Yes, there are working hours, but there is also the understanding that people live and work differently. These times are long gone, when everything used to be the same standard for everyone, people think more of what is best for them, and with that also comes the need to arrange their own time and to work when they also feel the most productive. But this does not mean that everything is that pink and peachy, the work and even more needs to be done in any case, or you will also be quickly looking for a new place.

 Seeing direct results for your efforts, quickly

You can enjoy the high energy level which buzzes with positive vibes. The real kick comes from being able to see the direct results of your efforts. Knowing the difference you make, coupled with the great camaraderie that comes from being able to know everyone, will make it probably an exciting and pleasant workplace.

 Fast and exciting working environment

You can bet on that the level of excitement never seems to stop. Most of the times you never know what will happen next week or month. Everything happens very quickly and you will learn a lot more than in big corporations. The key here is that you should be the kind of a person who wants to learn new things and new technologies. And as the environment is mostly young and vibrant, so are your coworkers.

 Less routine, more action

There just isn’t any time for routines. Yes, some routinely activities will be there and it will actually mean a good things. Like for example team events, routinely Ping-Pong tournaments and weekly/monthly meetings, but other than that, you will constantly be wearing many hats at the same time and pushing for development and new things, which just can’t keep you in too much of a routine.

 Huge learning and self development opportunities

You will probably need to learn so many new things on the go that you haven’t even known before existed. But that is actually a good thing, if of course you are up for the challenge. If you are, then the self-development and learning opportunities are there for you to take, just now how to use them to your and your employers benefit too.

 Less structure, more innovation

At a startup you will feel less structure and there is no room for ‘oh no, this is not in my job description’ attitude. But with less structure, you get more freedom, which then leads to more innovation. You really might feel more inspired and free, because people work together, closer, people create the environment they are in every day, that’s why startups also tend to be much more fun, because the work environment has developed more from the core of the people, rather than classic corporate systems.


So all in all, we really encourage you to give working for a startup a go. Take the ride of your life, but that is of course only if you felt a sense of strong urge and connected to most of the points and benefits that come with working in such an environment. Yes, there will be challenges, but as the saying goes ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’.

We at COMODULE are hiring, check out more information from our career page here and we look forward to hearing from you, soon. As you probably understand the speedy lifestyle of startups, you’ll figure out that we needed you already yesterday ;)!