2018 was undoubtedly the most exciting year we've ever had in the mobility industry. In addition to electric bikes and scooters, another mode of transportation arrived and it arrived with a bang - e-scooter fleets.

With fleet operators, we helped to launch shared mobility in 17 cities throughout the world. With e-bike partners we helped to 

retrieve 100% of the consumer bikes and launched an app to help riders learn more about their training. These are just a few of the highlights we had, check out the infographic to learn more.

Thank you for joining us on the mission to empower the future of mobility. Happy New Year and looking forward to continued success in 2019!

To conclude, we are happy to be a part of the greener and smarter transportation movement. We are creating more and more smart vehicles every day and this in turn leads to faster adoption of light and energy efficient vehicles. Feel free to contact us to be apart of the future of mobility.